The recipe for a successful Next Gen Programme

What ingredients do you need to create an impactful program for the next generation at a large international congress?

That was the first question we had to address as organizing committee of the 14th IUPAC congress on crop health. The support of CropLife International, our main sponsor for the Next Generation Agri Summit, is the first important ingredient. However, we also need a program which contributes to the future of young visionaries like you.

And who knows better how to make the next generation program interesting and challenging, than the next generation itself?

We could not find the answer. That’s why we invited the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) and the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) to cooperate with us. Fortunately, they are as enthusiastic as us about the involvement of next generation agricultural students and researchers at the IUPAC conference. It didn’t take them long to agree on co-creating this story together with us.

Celine of IAAS: “When you involve the next generation in major conferences like the IUPAC 2019 congress, you can have a huge impact on their career and development. By listening to their ideas, mentoring them and supporting them, they might become the next leaders in crop protection. For me, this is the sign that scientists want to hear the voice of the next generation. This is an enormous motivation to build on a better, and more sustainable future. And I am sure many other next-generation scientists and innovators will agree on this. The involvement of the young people is the best way to secure the relevance of the congress and to keep in touch with global needs

Both IAAS and YPARD have plenty of experience in creating interesting events for young scientists and agricultural entrepreneurs. While you are reading this blogpost, their volunteers have teamed up to create the programme, together with representatives of CropLife International and Ghent University

Celine: “You can expect a varied programme with lots of interesting, high-level speakers, interaction with the main congress, field excursions, social-media training, cultural activities and so on. On past events with the next-generation, participants were very enthusiast about the networking possibilities and the development of their ideas into real-life projects. The chance of creating something impactful of their own, with support of a reliable network, is a boost for their future.”

However, even with the support of CropLife International, IAAS and YPARD, we still need one more vital ingredient. And that’s YOU. Only the application of motivated young people as yourself can turn this story into a success. If you want to be a part of the Next Gen Agrisummit at the IUPAC conference, you can send us your idea or innovation on the future of sustainable crop protection. We will post it on this blog and via online voting, the writers of the 50 most interesting applications will be invited to the congress to participate in the Next Generation Agri Summit. Take this opportunity to join us at the conference and apply for the Next Generation Contest

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

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