Liquid fertilizers from human urine

My business is about liquid fertilizers processed biologically from human urine. It is an organic fertilizer with a high percentage of nitrogen. This is needed by the plant and is also highly concentrated in mineral nutrients, besides to its necessity for protecting plants and the environment.

It plays a social-economic role because it is innovative business that is recycling the wastes that effect environment and water pollution coupled with sanitation. Besides to shortage of organic fertilizers, it plays an important role by improving the productivity and by the creation of jobs and food security.

The methodologies of processing liquid fertilizers from urine

The toilets must be changed by using toilets that separate the urine and dry feaces and must be thrown into different tanks, then after the collection of the urine from its tank is is brought to the processing center. That task is done by making an agreement with the three secondary schools in the area. Later it will be done in the same manner of the collection of wastes for recycling as COPEDU does after expanding the business.

The production of fertilizer involves two sub-steps. First, half of the nitrogen present in urine in the form of ammonia is converted to nitrate with the aid of bacteria. This process is known as nitrification. In the second step, the liquid is evaporated in a distiller to produce a concentrated nutrient solution. Partial nitrification is sufficient to stabilize the nitrogen. Without this process, nitrogen would be released in the form of gaseous ammonia during urine storage and distillation. Stabilization also removes the pungent odor.

The product is already at the local market but in the process of local certification. The business is also very profitable after expanding and being certified and sponsored by investors: it will generate twenty million of net profit per month with the creation of six thousands jobs and the production of farmers will triple fold. The decrease of import budget of farming inputs will increase the GDP and at the same time the development of the whole community with saving the environment and welfare of the population  coupled with decreasing water pollution rates.

Why I have been inspired

In fact, there is an increase in urban areas with population without a job and no food, besides to the low agricultural products production with low quality mainly caused by the shortage of fertilizers, land and professionalism, then finally causes the poverty and poor livelihood.

Secondly, the liquid fertilizers are wasted into human urine in the country for only to increase the pollution of water, run off rate, sanitation destruction, disasters and environment degradation without using it to increase food security and quality, poverty reduction and to save the environment.

Thirdly, the many sanitations in Rwanda are not strong enough for holding polluted water for long time besides to the high run off rate and much water is more polluted. That affect the aquatic livings, and disasters are increasing day to day especially in urban areas, therefore, this project is in need in order that these problems can be addressed to save environment and the life of many living things.

Fourthly, the shortage of fertilizers is still a big issue even if the Government gives a high budget to the agricultural sector. A great part from it is used in the importation of mineral fertilizers but it is still too low and it doesn’t improve the quality as the organic liquid fertilizers do, thus, this project is very crucial to address these problems.

Additionally, the application of organic fertilizers is still at a low level and the organic farming products from Rwanda supply are still so low but those ones are so needed at the local and international markets.

Finally, there are many jobless people especially in urban areas besides to the graduates from science faculties and our government line for improving practical sciences and technologies are so low in achievement and reduction of unemployment is an issue, so this project is here to address many of them for achieving the sustainable development of a safe environment.

So, this liquid fertilizer plays a big impact on my life, community and environment because it is profitable business that generates more jobs and increases the farming productivity with high quality and saving the environment.

Timothe Ntakirutimana, Rwanda

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