A Truly Dare, Can Protect it All

Agriculture is one of the most reliable and dependable sectors in many African countries, including my good country Tanzania. Tanzania has been blessed with a fertile land, a good climate and well-watered rainy season. thus promoting agriculture as a daily activity for a large number of people as they rely solely on agriculture.

Despite the fact that agriculture has significant benefits, it has also been part of a solution to some of the challenges facing communities such as hunger and reducing the problem of youth employment in the country.

The current government, led by our President John Pombe Mgufuli, has responded to the challenge of unemployment, and has been able to set up small and medium-sized industries which focus on cultivation especially for vegetable, fruits, seeds and grains. Though these, it will open the doors of opportunities and enhance high production of agricultural products from 10,000 tons to 50,000 tons per year.

I am one of the young people who have decided to rely on farming, and the good fortune is that I have been born and raised in a farming family. This has led me see a lot of benefits from my parents as they were able to get all the necessary needs out of agriculture alone. So soon after graduating from University where I pursued a Bachelor degree in Management of Community Development Programs in Arusha, I decided to engage myself seriously in agriculture. I decided to make modern techniques of using Green Houses to increase production and get high quality products.

Under the programs of the Agribusiness Innovation Center (AIC) I have been able to shape my ideas, and now I own a 8 x 20 greenhouse, which I usually use to plant horticultural crops, especially tomatoes. In this kind cultivation I expect to harvest between 8 to 15 tons for the whole harvesting season.

Since I began my experience with agriculture, I have come to realize that there is a big gap between how farmers are supposed to protect their crops as well as the real situation on what should be done. Most farmers, especially those smallholders in developing countries, are still practicing unprecedented agricultural practices, thus reducing productivity, which has led to poor and low yields.

Nyanya Yangu

Given that challenge, I have come up with an innovation idea – to open a digital platform that will be known by the name of Kilimo Dares. The main objective of it is to provide accurate knowledge of how to protect crops on the farm. Through Kilimo Dares people will be able to interact together, to help each other solve the challenges facing agriculture including crop protection, the use of different technologies and other factors.

First step is to create a specialist Kilimo Dares web site by early March this year, where people will have to register and create an account to make it easier to communicate. Then the action will be to make a mobile application to make the forum more reliable and keep the forum closer to their fingertips. This will be ready in late 2019.

My goal is to increase the accurate agricultural education to as many people as possible. I am also planning to introduce Kilimo Dares face to face summits and Events that will mostly appeal to young people. The goal here is to integrate young people and open their minds in thinking of the whole agricultural field as a great and rewarding job. They can open their minds and start to dare to exploit agriculture and stop spending time doing things that are not good.

At the end of the next three years, I have a vision of changing Dare Agriculture from the Forum to a Boot Camp and making it one of the leading Boot Camps in Africa,  which will develop training and facilitate different agricultural education programs at different levels. By doing so I believe I will be very successful in helping to convey accurate knowledge to many people that will, in turn, increase effectiveness in the whole field of crop protection and we will be able to make the world have enough food.

Finally, if I will get the opportunity to participate in the IUPAC Congress and Next Generation Agri-Summit, I believe it will help me acquire and upgrade my knowledge and skills and also it will give me the chance to have a strong networking from the people that I’ll meet and share my ideas on my future project, which will help me leading the best to a sustainable development when am back to my community.

Brian Terry, Tanzania


  1. Good idea Brian. Your idea have a big impact in our world coz, agricultural provide food, medical plants and other product to sustain and enhance life.


  2. Nice Job brother!
    That’s very nice idea, as we see farmers needs alot of encouragement and through that platform is going to help them much.


  3. Wow hard work pay brian, i am pround for what you doing so far it was awesome and it will going to help other young people in our society. Keep working on it. Congaduation.


  4. Very interested Mr Brian! You are developing a very remarkable idea not only within your community but also African in general particulary to young graduates community of whom face the employment challenge while believing in a scarce white job colour.
    But through your strongly vision on crop protection, actually the deal will not only serve for availability and sustainability of food to the community but also we as young graduate we are about to join the same effort to meet the need in food within the entire community as we shall have overcome the employment challenge too. May God bless you.
    Keep it up my college met!


  5. That is best things you are doing it will help our community especially in social entrepreneurs.I would like to learn more from you.


  6. That’s a remarkable experience I believe you will change the minds of youth in realizing their dreams, congratulations


  7. Brother the idea is great,
    agriculture should be given first priority and through digital era the information will be found easly.


  8. Mr its very good indeed and is deed doing because agriculture is the backbone of our economic factor especially for those want to become an entrepreneur. This is also the driven of development for all tanzanians, its like a critical pass development actually like the source of income, good life and employment opportunity. Means that the development driven to youth. May God bless you brother.


  9. Woow this idea will bring awareness to others that agriculture is everything in our life and so shall work hard on it.


  10. Great idea,Keep it growing. KILIMO DARES as a digital platform for specialist to contribute there ideas and sharing solutions to various challenges facing our farmers.Can also save as an app, and be written in a simple language for farmers to understand!
    All the best!


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