CONTROL-D! An online platform to help cassava crop farmers in Nigeria defeat pest and disease

CONTROL-D provides Cassava farmers in Nigeria with notification messages, analytics and advisory support to help them anticipate disease out-break for the cassava crops on their farms and suggests ways to prevent their spread. 

The benefits of CONTOL-D include:

  • QUALITY: Gives access to premium quality stems of improved variety Cassava stem dealers in Nigeria
  • PROTECTION: Protects farmers’ investments with advise on the best treatment measure to adopt for any pest infestation or disease out-break
  • INCOME: CONTROL-D cloud based software can save the farmer money.

How CONTROL-D Works: 

We collate and analyze data from Cassava farmers in Nigeria. We can notify and advise cassava farmers in Nigeria of possible disease outbreaks and pest infestations using information from our data base. We also inform local news media of these outbreaks.

Through our activities in Control-D!,

  • Over 2,000 farmers in Nigeria will be served annually
  • 60,000 metric tons of pre-harvest losses caused by pest infestation and disease of Cassava will be saved annually.
  • $5,000,000 in value will be saved by Cassava farmers in Nigeria annually.

I am passionate about this project because I want to be part of the team that will create a sustainable community without hunger by 2030 in Abia State Nigeria. The Cassava farmers in my community will experience bumper harvest. Over 190 million Nigerians consume cassava daily and this initiative will produce tubers that can be processed into food such as Fufu, Garri, starch, tapioca, and flakes. Cassava also has an important role in producing ethanol for export.

I would like Control-D! to be selected as an N-GAGE champion because by December  2025, over 5,000 Cassava farmers in Abia State will be signed up to our platform and be using the tools  and extension services we provide. Also by June 2025, 150,000 metric tons of pre-harvest losses caused by pest infestation and diseases of Cassava will be saved annually while Cassava farmers in Abia State will be able to save $20,000,000 in value annually.

Emelone Tochukwu Edwin, Nigeria


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