Organic Crop Protection

Basically, this is more of an idea for sustainable crop protection than an innovation/project that I feel is quite significant to share so as to drastically lessen or terminate excessive crop losses in storage without the use of synthetic chemicals.

The method involves using dried Hyeptis spicigera  inflorescence. The inflorescence will be crushed to a powdery or chaff after which it will then be applied to grain crops such as cowpea, maize that are stored in granaries or silos. The quantity of the crushed inflorescence is relative to the quantity of the grain being stored.

The application is done by spreading the chaff/powder at every superimposition layer of grain loaded in the storage system. After a quantity of the grain is poured into the storage the chaff/powder is then spread in a specified quantity.  This is to enhance effectiveness of the organic substance. The Hyeptis spicigera  inflorescence works by exerting an irritative repellent on insect pests such as brochids and weevils. Grain stored with this weed’s dried inflorescent will be free from those pests.

My innovative practice and approach can be disseminated further if I had more specific training as a crop scientist. My research would be aimed to make sure that crops are well and harmlessly stored through the application of more organic means.

I’m confident of the socio-economic impact of this idea because, it saves time, it is not financially demanding, it can be practiced by a layman, the weed is available and easily accessed in rural areas and also is nontoxic/harmless.

To make the innovation sustainable, I will study the weed’s climatic requirements, cultural practices (which is within 3-4 months) and also develop a more advanced and quantifiable method of application. The beneficiaries will be farmers, those that want to go into farming as a business, and everyone that eats food to survive. If this idea is put into practice globally, it can guarantee that post harvest crop loss of cereals and legumes such as cowpea, soybeans and groundnuts will be reduced. This can ensure the availability of food and safety from toxic synthetic chemicals. I hope to attain about 80-90% success with regards to this idea. This idea will widely inspire farmers to farm without fear of post harvest crop loss. Some farmers will start cultivating the weeds and sell it as a source of income thereby minimizing or even eradicating poverty.

The passion I have for this idea is because there are farmers who, due to ineffective and inefficient methods of storage, are losing income. Moreover, I have a concern on the side effects of synthetic storage chemicals. My sole gain in this whole exercise is “getting satisfaction”. This is because, farmers should practice a newly trusted and sustainable crop protection method for storage. For communal and/ or societal gain the idea will increase and enhance the crop storage capacity and food availability of people’s livelihoods. Therefore, I look forward for the implementation of this authentic idea. Thank you.

Benson Degima Yohanna, Nigeria


  1. when we talk about post harvest crop storage, we are are talking about one mighty problem in agricultural sector. and until this problem is solved we will continue to face the challenge. however, with this fabulous idea brought by Benson Degima yohanna, there is a great hope that the elephant problem will be gone


  2. if you make money and you don’t know how to manage it, it is as worse as not having the money at all. this saying is equivalent to crop produce in relation to its storage managements. we must have a reliable and sustainable we of storing our crop in such a way that consumers will also be free from harm. meanwhile, Mr Benson has done justice to that by suggesting to us this incredible post harvest storage technique. your idea is ever welcome sir. thank you.


  3. Do we need anything thing else other than this idea to arrest the challenges of pest infestation during storage without the use of synthetic chemicals? May be no, because this idea is just a perfect one.


  4. This is a nice idea that can substitutthe the use of e synthetic chemical in post harvest storage of crops if only it is given chance to prove it worth.


  5. Yeah this is a very good idea Mr. Benson,is as if you know the problems my people are facing concerning crop storage, i believe that you and your supervisor will work hard towards making it a reality so as to favor the famers and reduce poverty as well as hunger in the local areas. Once again well done keep it up please.


  6. Farmers have been longing for such type of ideas to cut short the use of synthetic chemicals because it is eating deep into their profit margin. Can’t wait to see the implementation of this idea.


  7. the failure of post harvest crop storage can never be over emphasized. however, the I feel like saying that the effectiveness of this idea towards remedy the poor storage we have been using can never also be emphasized. Benson, Good work


  8. joke aside, this is the best post harvest storage technique I ever came across! please, let the examiner in charge officially approve of it. I can’t wait!


  9. life of people have being under vulnerability of of synthetic chemicals for storage. therefore, with this storage technique, I guess is time we press a pause button to that. thanks for the insight my son.


  10. if everyone would bring a reasonable idea such as this in every practicing discipline, I think we won’t have nothing to worry about. I can’t commend this technique less. Just keep the good work Benson Degima Yohanna


  11. this idea @Benson is nice because is more of “prevention is better than cure”. and that’s what we need in the world of today. more grace to your elbow.


  12. If everyone has this knowledge I mean just a little of this knowledge Agriculture will Glow in Nigeria…
    Benson this idea is great and I pray it doesn’t just end as theory but that it be put into practice..
    More grace bro


  13. A great Idea!
    Agricultural stakeholders will be excited with this development. A win-win situation for all.
    More power to your elbow Benson.


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