Crop Protection Learning Center in Gulu, Uganda

Aware of the myriad of challenges and countless innovations in crop protection, I am establishing a collaborative learning and adaptation platform where farmers will innovate  and transfer locally, affordable, climate smart and environmentally sustainable solutions to protect crops from pests and disease attacks. Crop health is essential in food safety &  health and determined by seeds, soil and environmental health/hygiene, and thus an integrated approach would be more effective.

The CPL center will recruit and assemble interested women, youths and men to identify the most common pest and diseases in their agro zones, they will discuss and propose traditional and environmentally safer options of combating them and these will be documented for trials and replication if successful.

Collaboration with institutions (Gulu University and Higher Schools of Learning) will be ensured to support the farmers in understanding the pests & disease lifecycles, their thriving environment and in determining the efficacy of the proposed innovations in controlling particular pests & disease and the effects on the innovations on food health and safety.

Companies and organizations  that implement crop protection, food security, nutrition and agricultural livelihoods programs, projects and activities will be co-opted to integrate proven innovations into their programs so that they can work with the resource persons/innovators (farmers) to provide farmer to farmer advise and hands-on supports, buy products of the innovators to support other communities. The Crop protection Learning Center will develop a business sustainability strategy for selling the soft skills and products innovated from the center. The flow chart below explains the lifecycle of activities that takes place in the crop protection learning center

Opiyo Charles, Uganda


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