Improving livelihood through smart farming

Who Are We?

FarmXic is Africa’s one stop disruptive platform for Smart Farming. FarmXic has 3 key areas of specialization which are: f-Tec a farm management software tool designed to help farmers make smart decisions through digital disruptive solutions, Flink is our peer-to-peer agritech platform that focuses on connecting farm sponsors with real farmers in order to increase food production and provide food security across Africa while promoting youth participation in Agriculture. FreshBinge foods is our B2B, B2C and eGrocery platform that provides on demand grocery including farm-to-consumer marketplace. The uniqueness of FarmXic as an AgTech brand is that we hope to create a niche in the industry to be seen as a onestop digital agribusiness hub providing innovative solutions. Our mission is to create food security across Africa, by impacting the lives of over 1,500 small-scale farmers across local communities within Nigeria. FarmXic focusses on increasing food production, impacting 50,000 small scale farmers in Nigeria in the next 5 years and engaging 2 million Nigerian youths to participate in Agriculture.

Nigeria farmers face multiple challenges in getting right, timely and actionable agri information as well as in procuring agri inputs for their farming needs. FarmXic aims to simplify the whole Agri-Business experience of farmers in Rural communities/regions by addressing the challenges of Nigerian farmer through smart and innovative uses of technology.

Our Solution

FarmXic utilise realtime analysis data through its f-Tec AI software solution platform, which include the use of computer vision and artificial intelligence to help farmers analyze data gathered from their fields. This solution gives farmers timely field-level information for: selecting the right varieties accurate fertilizer or crop protection dose rates, determining the ideal time for crop protection measures and recognizing plant stress factors at an early stage. Arable sensors would be developed with our f-Tec solution to constantly gather data about plant health, density, light and weather. With the development of this technology, FarmXic would be able to precisely measure more than 40 different, relevant data types, a more comprehensive amount than other IoT “smart farming” devices that tend to focus on just one issue in the field, like irrigation or soil tension.

We developed a pest management and crop protection program through our f-Tec AI platform that:

  1. Increase yields and quality,
  2. Reduce pesticide residues at time of harvest, which has become increasingly important for both domestic and export markets,
  3. Allow shorter field re-entry allowing labor flexibility, which is an absolute must for our high value, fresh produce in particular and,
  4. Reverse, reduce or delay the development of resistance to single-site or single-pathway chemicals.

By combining the power of a farmer’s instinct with cutting-edge technologies of today, such as satellite imagery and GPS, FarmXic would help farmers across Africa make best-informed decisions throughout farming season. Decision-making will become sharper, smarter, and simpler for the farmer, anywhere, anytime. We proffer smart farming solutions to drives the future of agriculture. This will help to enable increased yields while considering the environmental footprint of agriculture at the same time. Rather than add to the complexity, it will make the world of farming a more predictable and safe place, empowering farmers to do what they do best now and in the future.

FarmXic intend to employ field specialist to roam agricultural fields in the area, collecting data across various agricultural parameters. The information is then uploaded on an app developed by FarmXic built using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for predictive analysis of farming output. We collect data related to land, including geofencing, along with the demographic profile and past crop information of every farmer in the villages where we’re active. Based on the information churned using our AI-powered application, they guides farmers on what to grow, when to grow, and how to grow it. We are targeting food crops like tomatoes, we intend to get data in terms of images from the farmers themselves. More than technology, the biggest challenge currently is having a repository of images that can be mapped to the image that a farmer has taken on his phone and determining the problem and solution in real time, without any manual intervention.

Blessing Nancy Omonhiboloria, Nigeria

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