Utilization of limestone and sulfur as an organic pesticide in fruit plants

Fruit farmers in Indonesia have suffered losses due to fungal and insect attacks which have resulted in plants not growing optimally and some have died before harvesting time. This has resulted in crop failure in a number of fruit commodities such as oranges, mangoes and guava. Therefore we make organic pesticides with natural ingredients with affordable prices and easy application methods.

Pesticide ingredients :  Provide sulfur powder (fine sulfur), limestone (which is already smooth) and water. The three ingredients are then boiled in a container or barrel with a ratio of 1: 2: 10 until mixed and boiling. Then wait for the color to turn reddish yellow. After finished,  it is separated between the clear solution and the sediment then the solution is ready to be applied to the plant. Application technique can be through spraying and weeding. Spraying is done by mixing clear solutions with clean water, while the weeding is applied to the stems using existing sediment mixed with adhesive.

The benefit of this organic pesticides is it can eradicate diseases in plants caused by microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria which can decrease plant productivity or even kill plants. The example are the fungi Botryodiplodia theobromae or Lasiodiplodia theobroma. This disease can attack roots, stems and twigs and can cause rotten root, and dead twigs on fruit trees. Besides being able to eradicate fungi, this product can also eradicate insect pests such as Chrysochoris Javanus and Ferrisia virgata, these two pests are often found in plants at the end rainy season and the dry season. All parts of the plant can be attacked like leaves, flowers and fruit and the more dangerous it can be as a vector of disease. By using this product we can reduce the presence of pests that are harmful to fruit plants.

This product has been tested in Malang district on citrus which has problems due to the attack of Botryodiplodia theobromae or Lasiodiplodia theobroma and various kinds of insects. The problems include:

  • Decreasing the productive age of citrus plants from 20 years to 12 years.
  • Decreasing the quality of citrus fruits, the size is smaller, less sweet and many are rotten so the price decreases from Rp. 4000 per kg to Rp. 2500 per kg.
  • Decreasing the productive quantity of sweet oranges, from 200 kg per tree to 90 kg per tree and some citrus plants die.

By using natural pesticides made from limestone and sulfur many farmers can feel the benefits. This can be seen from the success of this product to solve the problem. By using limestone and sulfur, farmers can produce oranges with good production quality, productive age of citrus plants over 12 years, production quantity above 200 kg per tree during the fruiting period, the taste is more sweet and rotten fruit is decreased, so the price increases above Rp. 4,000 per kg and the income of citrus farmers increases.

I hope this product can be beneficial globally, especially to local farmers who still use traditional techniques. With material that is easy to get, is a natural ingredient, has an affordable price, is easy to apply, it has the potential to solve various problems in pest attacks. This product will be very useful for farmers so it is expected that there will be an increase in economic income for farmers, especially fruit farmers.

My motivation letter to join IUPAC 2019

I am very happy to join this program because the participants are from around the world with different backgrounds. I would be very happy to discuss and share my experience with all participants. Secondly, to encourage integration and the creation of mutual understanding I need to have a deeper global awareness and understanding of the agriculture sector because my country, one of the biggest agriculture countries in the world, has several problems. So, we as the young generation should understand about these. By joining this program it will enable me, as one of the younger generation in Indonesia to know and get views about agriculture.  I can share my experiences and get inspiration from other participants and I hope the experience and knowledge that we get in this program will make me to be a better person and to serve a better world. 

By participating in IUPAC 2019, I am sure that there will be more brilliant ideas that I get and implement in the future. I want to introduce my project to others and also I want to be inspired by others as well. The more knowledge we transmit, the more things we can do that certainly benefit our understanding about sustainable crop protection. After, I will return to Indonesia to continue my study and share my knowledge and experience with the people around me. With knowledge and understanding that I get from IUPAC I will continue my project and make another small project that benefits people around me to make them aware and understand about agriculture problems and how to face them. Lastly, I hope I can join this program to reach my goals to promote my international career. I would be very happy and honored to be the one of participant in  IUPAC 2019.

Reza Aulia Tansri Pratama, Indonesia


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