Insect repellent based on Azadirachta indica for sustainable agriculture

The Oueme Valley is a community in Benin where nearly 90% of the population practices agriculture to meet their different needs. This agriculture is based on an intense use of chemical inputs that affect the health of farmers, consumers of agricultural products, and the decline in soil fertility, lower yields. It is therefore urgent to correct this state of affairs with the introduction of new technologies for sustainable production in order to ensure food security.

In response to this problem, we have implemented an innovation that is a biological response to the misuse of chemical insecticides and pesticides. It is an insect repellent based on azadirachta indica which is a natural treatment against insects and plant pests. This innovation is directly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 as it ensures food security and promotes sustainable agriculture. It is also linked to Sustainable Development Goals 3, 8, 13 and 17 because it is environmentally friendly and promotes the creation of green jobs and partnerships. L’idée de ce projet est venue du constat où l’utilisation des pesticides chimiques entraine non seulement des problèmes liés à la santé de l’Homme car ils laissent des résidus dans les produits agricoles mais aussi des problèmes d’ordre environnementaux car ils détruisent la terre.

In collaboration with the students of the Agronomical University of Condorcet of Belgium and young experts of the NGO JEVEV (Youth and Green Jobs for a Green Economy) we have thus succeeded in identifying the azadirachta indica as a plant which has a double effect. By using it on the stock, it not only helps to fight against pests and insects thus ensuring the quality of agricultural products but it does not destroy the land. This is therefore part of one of the systems or techniques for promoting sustainable agriculture.

As a result, since the introduction of innovation, 2,500 producers in the Oueme Valley have been using this product and are satisfied with the results. 300 agricultural business students from the Agronomical University of Condorcet who also use the product for various experiments on their sites and farms. 250 young women and young people trained on the manufacture of this product.

We also donate to help some producers. I am passionate about this project because it brings me closer to my vision of fighting against poverty and promoting sustainable agriculture. By using this insect repellent for agricultural products, the population consumes quality products and are in very good health.

Also, it has no negative impact on the land and contributes to job creation because young people and vulnerable people trained in these techniques produce and market them. If I am selected to participate in the IUPAC Summit on Agri New Generation and the N-GAGE project, it will be an opportunity for me to make more changes in my community in the sense that the knowledge and concepts that I will acquire at this summit I will put them into practice at the level of my community through other innovations and initiatives.

Fadonougbo Dagbégnon René, Benin


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