Protection of Agricultural Crops against diseases and pests by using water having dissolved dead fishes (or parts of dead fishes) for irrigation of fields

The research has been carried out in Pakistani fields that a water tank full of dead fishes is made to irrigate the agriculture land. Fishes have enough value of minerals, proteins and vitamins which will dissolve in the water and that nutritious water will provide those beneficial nutrients to the corresponding irrigated field soil and crops. This tank will need about 50Kg dead fishes/parts of dead fishes (e.g. heads) to irrigate 1-acre land. The tank will be filled with water having enough quantity of fishes to dissolve in the tank (at least 500-liter of water will need 50Kg of dead fishes while the exceptions depends on water tank and field area) then the tank will be covered by a plastic sheet for 1 week. After complete decomposition the fish meat will be dispersed in the tank water then start the fresh water pipe over that tank, so the fresh water will carry the tank water gradually in equal volume and will irrigate the whole field slowly.

This method is used once in a season for every crop after post emergence of their seeds in the cultivated field, it is very easy method doesn’t need much labor, fuel/ electricity, time, money and by using this bio remedy for crops protection against diseases the environment (soil, air and water) will be safe and sound. The poor farmers will receive large number of products from their fields by purchasing the dead fishes with low prices and the fish sellers will be benefited for the raw fishes also (e.g. we can also use the dead fishes heads available in markets) as well as the poor society will never suffer from the barriers and scarcity of good quality and quantity of agricultural products.

Fishes are available throughout the year almost in every country. This method is tried many times in our village fields specifically for wheat and Maize fields hence their results are very clear and rapid. Maybe this experiment will prove very useful for other crops also.

The dead fishy water consist of  Macro and Micro nutrients e.g. vitamins, proteins ( as a source of Nitrogen) and minerals (e.g. Na, K, Mg, P, S, Ca, Fe, Cl, Si, Mn, Zn, Co, I, As) to protect the plants from diseases and providing latent heat to the plants to meet their required level of growth. These minerals are often viewed simply as plant food necessary for better plant growth and yield. Being a chemist, it is studied that optimizing mineral nutrient levels—especially at critical stages when pest populations are threatening—is both cost effective and agronomically sensible. Mineral content in fishes could be effective in disease resistance, so it could be used as a nutritional and pesticide supplement for plants There are two primary resistance mechanisms that mineral nutrition can affect:

1. The formation of mechanical barriers, primarily through the development of thicker cell walls.

2. The synthesis of natural defence compounds, such as phytoalexins, antioxidants, and flavonoids, that provide protection against pathogens.

To complement disease and pest control methods, it is helpful to know how mineral nutrients affect disease resistance in plants (e.g. fungal, bacterial, viral, and soilborne) while the smell of fishy water may protect the crops from the attack of different pests (e.g. insects, mites, nematodes and borers etc.). The relationships between agriculture within the catchment and water quality parameters were much stronger; Alkalinity, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus had the strongest positive correlations with the proportion of row crops in the catchment. Maybe the fishy water nutrients affects soilborne diseases in many ways. A micronutrient-deficient plant usually has depressed defence capabilities against soilborne diseases. However, in some cases, nutrients can have direct effects on soilborne pathogens. so, maybe the fishy water nourish the plants sooner and will enhance the soil fertility.

Marya Siraj Nabi, Pakistan

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