A push-and-pull system to lure and repel crop pests

Because of our interest in sustainable development in agriculture, we have come up with an idea for crop protection in less developed countries.

Our concept’s main goal is to use residual flows to their full potential. More specifically the use of pest insects.

A common problem in less developed countries is the availability of crop protection products and also the knowledge of how to use these products. This is why an achievable and environmental friendly way to attract and capture these insects can be a useful concept. These captured insects can be a viable source of protein for cattle fodder. This is why the capturing of these insects not only has a quantitative and a qualitative value, but also has a profitable value. In other words we want to turn our crop protection into a direct profit.

Concept Plan

This is a visualisation of our push and pull system. Here we use a combination of lure and repel crops with our traps. In our lure crops (which are grass-like crops) we use a pick up system to catch caterpillars which is visualised in the next sketch. Another trap in our lure crops are fly catching traps.

Matias Goris and Dieter De Cock, Belgium

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