The protective

Our idea is the protective. It’s an out of the box invention of the drone because we think precision agriculture is an upcoming branch in agriculture. The drone contains a detecting system to detect and predict damaging organisms (mainly insects but can be extended to fungi, nematodes,…) with the help of parameters such as light, sound, smell,… . it predicts in what time of the year the organisms mostly are around and looks for the signs on an acre. Then it does the same for the useful insects , the ones that could exterminate the damaging organisms, and attracts the useful organisms to the damaging ones with the help of sound, light, smell or any other way. If there aren’t any useful organism around the drone will automatically try to exterminate the hazardous organism an other way. We were thinking of using fungi or aromatic substances to get rid of these organisms. If no other is possible the drone will turn to a chemical solution or alert the farmer of an upcoming treat. We want to make sure that first all the biological options are used or thought of before the drone turns to a more heavy solution such as chemicals.

We think our idea can better prevent crops from being attacked by unwanted organisms. The protective can make a database used all over the world so more and more unknown or known organisms can be tracked or researched. We can research more about the influence that global warming has on organisms or how they migrate to other countries. It can catalog the used ways to exterminate a certain organism so that resistance can be prevented. Thanks to the protective farmers can fight the damaging crops more locally instead of using a product all over acre(keeping resistance in mind). Beside the biological advantages it also gives the farmer time to use for other jobs on the farm.

Lore Ooms, Collien Schepers, Sibe Laureys, Belgium

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