Yes, you can protect the crops from your sofa! Follow this blog to complete your job.

Emir Šahinović , University of Sarajevo. IUPAC 2019 Next Generation Agri-Summit Participant.

Do you know why ants are so successful? They work together, they have excellent communication, their colony is like one body. That’s why we should follow them.

Future crop protection is completely different when we compare it with previous trends. Some companies are doing a really great job with pesticides that are real game changer, and we appreciate it.

However, let’s get back on the topic. Did you know that 25% of the world’s fresh water supply is used to grow food that is never eaten? So what is your role and how can you help us? It’s simple: Spread the word! The moment you started reading this, you got involved.

During the IUPAC Next Generation Agri-Summit we created an amazing idea for the future of crop protection and educating youth about it. One of the things that our group, known as team ‘Redy’, created is a comic that will educate future generations about crop protection.

But the best thing is the hashatag: #protectme. This hashtag is something like the #IceBucketChallenge. Everyone should pick their favorite vegetable or any kind of vegetable and take a picture with it.

You’re allowed to do anything you like – be creative! But you must use hashtag #protectme and post the picture on social media. The more posts on social media, the more awareness about crop protection.

The hashtag will raise awareness, not only about the importance of crop protection, but about food in general, because we must no take our food for granted. There is a huge amount of resources, energy and effort that goes into every single vegetable before it comes to your table. So just think about it before you eat your next meal.

As you can see, people are already engaged in this challenge. So, grab you phone, grab a vegetable and protect the crops from your sofa, or from your kitchen, from anywhere!

Do you maybe have a better idea? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

My name is Emir Šahinović and I am a Bachelor student at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences – University of Sarajevo. I have a big passion for science and researching in Agriculture, and with my mentor, I have already published 4 papers related to soil pollution and plant physiology. I am a good team player and a very easy-going student. To contact me, please use



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