Meet the N-GAGE Champions

After an intensive online contest with over 600 applications received, and then online scoring and scrutiny and evaluation by a judging panel, five young agri-preneurs were selected as the IUPAC N-GAGE Champions.

The five N-GAGE champions joined 45 others to attend the IUPAC Agri-Summit for a week of networking, training and coaching. After the Agri-Summit, the N-GAGE Champions each received a €5,000 seed grant to get their project started. For one year, each are being mentored, linking them with seasoned researchers and practitioners. They are also receiving training on new ways to advocate and network using innovative communication and networking tools.

Meet the five N-GAGE Champions:

Simon Appeltans and his project on modernising crop protection (and agriculture in general) by using a tool everyone has at hand: the smartphone. Modern crop protection using tools farmers have at hand

Bruna Czarnobai De Jorge and her project on adapting nanotechnology for eco-friendly pest control methods. Adapting nanotechnology as versatile instrument for the development of eco-friendly pest control methods with semiochemicals

Apolowo Oluropo Ayotunde and his project to develop a Mobile Plant Clinic in Nigeria. The management of plant diseases using botanicals and ICT in Nigeria

Eric Jhon Cruz has an idea to produce activated carbon from agricultural wastes that can be used to clean the dilute pesticide solution resulting from the cleaning of pesticide application equipment. Pestisorb Remediation of pesticide rinsate using activated carbon derived from agricultural wastes

Antonette Ncube has started a project on creating a dialogue on how to best align 4th industrial revolution technologies (drones) into agribusiness management. Drone technology to tackle pests in Botswana

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