A program for youth by youth

For the Next Generation program, IUPAC 2019 has partnered with IAAS and YPARD to develop the program. Since this is a program for youth by youth we are very interested to hear your ideas and exploring ways to integrate them in the program.

During the Next Generation Agri-summit the 50 selected participants will integrate with the main IUPAC 2019 congress in many ways. There will be an opening ceremony and welcome reception, plenary sessions, poster sessions, round table discussions and panel sessions, a field excursion and finally a banquet and awards night. Through this, the participants will get to know the congress participants and expand their networks.

There is an exciting social media training session included that the selected participants can join. This will help participants to develop their social media skills to use in their professional life and also reporting skills that will facilitate sharing interesting Congress proceedings to those following the Congress online as well as engagement with other congress participants onsite. As one example, we have an idea to have the Agri-summit participants interview some senior IUPAC 2019 congress participants on issues related to shared professional/research interests.

That being said, there is still about 17 hours of the program that is open for the Next-Gen Agri summit. We want to provide opportunities for every interested youth to contribute to the structure and contents of the Agri-summit.. We are hoping for a very interesting and interactive program and we are certain that, together, we can garner insights that could help us achieve this goal.  Tell us what topic(s) related to sustainable agriculture, food systems and crop protection that you want the Agri-summit to focus on and how should we do it? Through a soft skill training, debate, world café, interviews, …?

For example: I’d love the program to include a workshop on how participants could lead and contribute to the advancing linkages between food production in rural farms and retail/supply outlets in urban centre in an effort to reduce food wastage.

Now, how can you share your ideas with us? You can do this by replying to this blog down below or make a short (30s-1min) video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and tag @IUPACNextGen + use the hashtag #iupacNextGen #youth so we get to see your messages.

We look forward to hear and read your ideas for the program and don’t forget to apply!


  1. I understand that several important crop protection issues revolve around policy making. I would like a session (in the form of a workshop) that will teach advocacy skills and techniques to participants. This will hopefully empower us advocate and push sustainability into local crop protection activities in our various countries.


  2. Am interested in understanding how agricultural finance can be aligned withe agricultural credit and insurance so that the youth can easily access it.


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